TFTPD32 Syslog Server Review

Tftpd32 (current version 4.52) is a free toolkit program containing various different socket services. One of these is Syslog collection, and this article will briefly cover the Syslog aspects of Tftpd32.

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Tftpd32 is Free, and open source, for both personal and commercial use.


  • Syslog collection: Tftpd32 (and 64) is capable of collecting logs on the configured socket, and displaying them to the user.
  • Syslog Forwarding: The software is also capable of forwarding messages on a named pipe for external review and processing.
  • Save to File: Collected syslog messages can also be saved to a file for backup and parsing.

Among with these Syslog specific services, there is a plethora of other features this program includes, such as TFTP server / client, DHCP, and more.

There are no filtering or alert options that I could find, they will most likely need to be applied after the log is exported from tftpd32 (or 64).

OS Compatibility

Tftpd32 and 64 require x86 and x64 processor architecture respectively; the 32 bit edition works on 64 bit systems as well, naturally.

The program is downloaded as an .exe, meaning that most windows distributions are probably supported. That being said, the program is open source, and the source code can be downloaded from the main website (see link below). This would allow you to modify the code and compile it yourself for any OS you need it for.


Tftpd32 syslog screenshot

Tftpd32 syslog screenshot


Tftpd32 syslog options

Tftpd32 syslog options

Official Links

The home page for tftpd32 can be found at:

To download all of the different versions, please visit:

You can select from 32 or 64 bit, executable or zip folder, and even the complete source code.

Along with many other features included in Tftpd32, Syslog collection and exporting is one, and is very simple and easy to use.