Zabbix vs Nagios Comparison for Network and Bandwidth Monitoring

Generally speaking, one can break down the lifecycle of a Network into three parts: Design Implementation/Configuration Support/Maintenance Network Monitoring falls under the 3rd part of this life-cycle. It allows you to keep an eye on the devices in your network (routers, switches, servers, applications, etc.) so that you can take appropriate actions in the event […]

Graphical Ps With Xps

Xps shows *nix processes as a tree. The status is indicated by color. Compile and run: u-1@srv-1 xps $ ls xps-4.2.tar.gz u-1@srv-1 xps $ tar -xzf *.gz u-1@srv-1 xps $ cd xps* u-1@srv-1 xps-4.2 $ u-1@srv-1 xps-4.2 $ ./configure checking for a BSD-compatible install… /bin/install -c checking whether build environment is sane… yes checking for […]

Using Ps-watcher to Monitor Processes

Ps-watcher can run ps periodically and match patterns based on the output of ps. You can check for memory usage, number of processes, etc. Let’s grab the program and try to compile: [root@test psw]# ls ps-watcher-1.0.tar.gz [root@test psw]# tar -xzf *.gz [root@test psw]# cd ps* [root@test ps-watcher-1.0]# ls aclocal.m4 configure install-sh mkinstalldirs README AUTHORS […]

Using MSInfo

Do check out msinfo32.exe. Virtually everything that you would want to know about the system configuration of a Windows machine will be revealed with this command. Msinfo32.exe is located under /Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/MSInfo (at least on our system). If you wish to dump the report to a file, use: msinfo32 /report reportname.txt It takes […]

Disabling Performance Counters on Windows

One extremely annoying thing to get alerted about in the Windows application logs are the Perflib errors: The Open Procedure for service “pcAnywhere” in DLL “C:\Program Files\ Symantec\pcAnywhere\PcaPerfCtrs.dll” failed. Performance data for this service will not be available. Status code returned is data DWORD 0. or: The Open Procedure for service “ISAPISearch” in DLL “QPerf.dll” […]

Automated Log Monitoring with LogSentry and a Central Syslog Server

Part One: Installing and Configuring LogSentry by Urbana Der Ga’had If you haven’t automated the monitoring of your system logs, you’re flying blind. By proactively identifying hardware failures, unusual patterns of user behavior, and intrusion attempts, you can often solve problems before they become painful. festering. scars that won’t heal. Oh yes! In Part One […]

A Simple Perl Load Monitoring Script

I wondered how to monitor load on my GNU/Linux boxen. Sure, there are a lot of canned apps out there. But what if I wanted to use Perl? (IUD SIS, you must use Perl, cuz Perl’s the best… Readin’ from my Camel book like you wanted me… script the pain away…) Anyhoo… I wanna use […]

Automated Log Monitoring with LogSentry and a Central Syslog Server II

Part Two: Configuring a Central Syslog Server By Urbana Der Ga’had In Part 1 of this article we installed and configured LogSentry to automate the monitoring of the system logs on our machine. That’s great if we’ve only got one or two systems, but what if we have a dozen *nix systems, or fifty, or […]

Monitoring Windows CPU Performance With Perl

The Win32::PerfLib module is a glorious way to extract performance data from Windows boxen. Check out this site for more information. We used perl 5.6.1. Here is a script that shows how to use this module: use Win32::PerfLib; $processor = 238; $proctime = 6; while (6 ne 9){ if(my $perflib = new Win32::PerfLib(‘srv-48’)){ $proc_ref0 = […]

Monitoring Servers With GKrellM

GKrellM is a GPL’d multi-platform monitoring program. For a Windows port, see Bill’s Software. In this article we will get GKrellM running on 5 different systems and use client/server mode to connect via SSH, and monitor the systems from a centralized console. We are quite excited about this project because it is client/server (now), has […]