Running Apache on Win32

Do you ever wish you could inch away from IIS and migrate towards Apache on Linux or some other UNIX operating system? Well, in this article we will install Apache on our NT server. Another advantage to using Apache is it is a cool way to get a full fledged web server on your workstation. […]

Compiling Java Telnet (jta25b)

There is an applet that can be used to serve up telnet sessions via a Java applet at Note that this site is often down, although it is the current main site. There is an older version available here. Now, we have been trying to use this to provide a web interface for a […]

Upgrading Apache With Compiled-in Modules

See this article for information on compiling Apache with compiled-in modules. We find that this works well in some cases. The big problem, though, is you have to be very careful that you don’t break your website at upgrade time. There are some options to httpd that help with this. The -l option will list […]

Apache Installation and Configuration

First, get the current Apache distribution from, and extract it: [root@srv-3 src]# ls apache_1.3.19.tar.gz bind-9.1.2 bind-9.1.2.tar.gz webmin-0.85.tar.gz [root@srv-3 src]# tar -xzf ap*.gz [root@srv-3 src]# [root@srv-3 src]# ls apache_1.3.19 bind-9.1.2 webmin-0.85.tar.gz apache_1.3.19.tar.gz bind-9.1.2.tar.gz [root@srv-3 src]# cd ap* [root@srv-3 apache_1.3.19]# ls ABOUT_APACHE config.layout INSTALL Makefile.tmpl src Announcement configure KEYS README WARNING-WIN.TXT cgi-bin htdocs LICENSE README.configure conf […]

Upgrading Tomcat

In our article on installing Tomcat, we used version 5.0.18. Well, it has been awhile, and we want to upgrade our system. First, we download the new binary from here. On our system, we put this all in opt. Let’s remove the old symbolic link and extract the tarball: [root@srv-1 opt]# rm tomcat rm: remove […]

Configuring Awstats With Static Pages

For years we have run our own homebrew web stats application out of frustration with currently available tools. Well, web stats packages have certainly improved over the years, and we decided to implement AWStats on one of our servers. We are doing this on a Red Hat Enterprise 4 box with Apache 2, so some […]

Protecting your site from particular IP addresses w/ Apache

If a particular user is abusing your Apache web server, it is quite easy to deny access to your site. We found (with our ISP) that the easiest is to put an entry in the .htaccess file in the root of the directory you want to protect: deny from Where is the offending […]

Using Whois With PHP

If you would like to provide whois queries via PHP, a good package to use is available here. An example script that uses this package is: <?php include(“whois/main.whois”); $whois = new Whois($_GET[‘query’]); $result = $whois->Lookup(); echo “<pre>”; for($i=0;$i<count($result[rawdata]);$i++) { $row = each($result[rawdata]); echo $row[“value”].”\n”; } echo “</pre>”; ?> The query variable is arbitrary. You can […]

Adding PHP Support to Apache

Assuming that you have PHP installed, and the module available for Apache, these lines need to be in httpd.conf for PHP support: DirectoryIndex index.php index.html <Files *.php> SetOutputFilter PHP SetInputFilter PHP LimitRequestBody 10000000 </Files> AddType application/x-httpd-php .php Now, these lines are often in other files that are included; however, if .php pages just spew the […]

Inserting program listings in PHP-Nuke

NetAdminTools used to use PHP-Nuke. For those of you who don’t know, PHP-Nuke is a fabulous Open Source project that gives you everything you need to bring up your own website with a database backend and other features. Now, one annoying thing with PHP-Nuke, and most web based interfaces is that it is quite difficult […]