UNIX and Outlook Express Interoperability

The MIME on Outlook Express seems to be broken. We have seen several instances where Outlook Express users cannot read Email sent by UNIX Email clients. The message is garbled with lots of question marks and other random characters. We have had this problem here at netadmintools.com, since we use Linux Office Suite 99 for […]

Wadding up Spambots With Spiderkiller

Spiderkiller is a C program that will generate unique pages with random email addresses that will confuse harvesting bots. Compile the app: srv-5:~ usr4$ gcc spiderkiller.c -o spiderkiller spiderkiller.c: In function ‘main’: spiderkiller.c:299: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘strlen’ The options are simple: srv-5:~ usr4$ ./spiderkiller -help Usage: spiderkiller [-help] [-n ] [-k […]

IMAP Installation and Initial Configuration

First, we grab the source from the UW distribution link on here: [root@srv-33 src]# ls imap.tar.Z imap-utils.tar.Z [root@srv-33 src]# tar -xzf imap.tar.Z [root@srv-33 src]# ls imap-2001.BETA.SNAP-0105251616 imap.tar.Z imap-utils.tar.Z [root@srv-33 src]# mkdir imaputils (We will deal with imaputils in a different section.) [root@srv-33 src]# mv *util* imaputils mv: cannot move `imaputils’ to a subdirectory of itself, […]

Postfix RPM Upgrade for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

One of the servers we work on is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (RHEL 3). We needed some features in the later versions of Postfix, rather than the backported version for RHEL 3. There are some RPMs available here: http://postfix.wl0.org/ftp/official/2.2/RPMS-rhel3-i386 The latest version as of the date of this article is 2.2.5-3. If you […]

Sendmail Installation and Initial Configuration

First, we want to remove all the RPM stuff. A general note here. We are removing the RPMs, because we want to write all of the articles from the perspective of a generic Linux distribution as much as possible. True, we rely on the default file structure and general layout of Red Hat; however, by […]

Postfix Source RPM Upgrade for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

In this article, we upgraded Postfix to 2.2.5 via RPMs; however, if a later version is needed, and you are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 3 (RHEL 3), an RPM needs to be created from source. There is a source RPM for 2.2.6 available here: http://postfix.wl0.org/ftp/official/2.2/SRPMS/ To use the RPM, install it: [root@s root]# […]

Automated email of attachments

It is quite easy to email security or traffic reports automatically. We will use mpack, sendmail, and cron, but certainly the techniques could be combined with other utilities. The challenge with emailing files is that you have to encode the attachments into the email message using MIME. For the nitty gritty on MIME, see http://www.nacs.uci.edu/indiv/ehood/MIME/MIME.html. […]

Using UW IMAP and Xinetd For Dual SSL and Plaintext Support

First off, Pine rocks when it comes to reading mail quickly, particularly on a server where a GUI is not available. Second of all, it often doesn’t come with GNU/Linux distributions anymore. I suppose that part of the problem is that pine includes a version of IMAP that can cause problems if it coexists with […]

Clean up spam with Pine

Outlook is nice and all, particularly when dealing with, oh, 90 percent of the email clients out there. The same thing that makes it nice, also makes it insecure. Some of the email accounts we monitor have been quite public, and receive not only a lot of spam, but also a lot of viruses. If […]

Avoid Unwanted Email

The opportunists who send unsolicited bulk email (UBE) use tools that do not follow standards. This can work to an advantage in that improper configuration can allow quite a bit of filtering to be done on inbound email. For instance, the following entries in main.cf for postfix will dramatically cut down on email from misconfigured […]