Remote Console Server and Web Administration Tool for NT

Two very useful remote administration tools are the Remote Console Server and the Web Administration tool. Both of these tools come on the NT 4.0 Server resource kit CD. To install the Remote Console, go into control panel -> network -> services tab -> add -> remote access service, and point to the ..\..\netadmin\rconsole directory […]

Installing and Using Telnet Service for Windows NT

[Ed. Note: This is a wee bit dated. SSH is widely available for Windows now, and should be used instead of telnet for administration. Still, telnet can be handy for testing. For an updated version of this for Windows 2000, see this article.] We wrote a tip about using IIS and rconsole to remotely manage […]

Windows 2000 Terminal Services/Administration

With Windows 2000 terminal services, it is quite a bit easier to administer your servers remotely. Make sure you have terminal services installed. We chose the option to use terminal services for administration only. On the server side, format a couple of diskettes. Run Start>Programs>Administrative Tools>Terminal Services Client Creator. You will see a screen like […]

Using Rdesktop To Access Windows Terminal Services From A GNU/Linux Client

We usually use VNC to administer our Windows servers from our GNU/Linux workstations. Rdesktop allows you to access Terminal Services natively from GNU/Linux. This is a lot easier than running the Terminal Services client from Vmware like we did in this article. Sheeesh… 🙂 We grabbed version 1.2.0 of rdesktop from here. While you are […]

Fix Slow SSH Login Time

If your login times are really high, it may be that reverse DNS is not working correctly. We have an ISP whose DNS servers sometimes don’t respond to reverse DNS queries. It was a bit of a puzzle because it has worked for a long time. Our hunch is that the recent DOS attacks have […]