REALbasic: The PC is the Computer

REALbasic creates a single machine code executable that will run on Older Macs, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows systems from 98 on. There is no requirement to install a bunch of DLLs, so the target system has fewer side effects to worry about. Certainly rollback is quite clear. Further, you don’t need a […]

Using Regular Expressions With REALbasic

Here is a bit of code from Mountain Climbing Journal that combines an if statement and regular expressions to match an image and display it: if left(me.SelText,9)=”<img src=” AND Keyboard.AsyncControlKey=TRUE then dim rg as new RegEx dim match as RegExMatch dim f as folderItem dim imgsrc as string if instr(me.SelText,”/”) <> 0 then rg.SearchPattern=”<img src=”+chr(34)+”\S*/(\w+\.\w+)”+chr(34)+”>$” […]

Binding EditFields to a Multi-Column ListBox

If you have a ListBox with multiple columns and want to bind EditFields to the columns so that when you select a row with a mouse click or with arrows the EditFields match the columns in the ListBox, then use the change event for the ListBox and assign the EditFields. For instance, for a ListBox […]