RMS Painting Released GNU Style

Jin Wicked painted a portrait of Richard Stallman: To make it more interesting, she released it with the terms: “In the spirit of the subject of this painting and the GNU Free Documentation License (which is a bit over my head) , I am granting permission for anyone to copy, redistribute, alter or publish this […]

Free Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit Available

If you would like to try out Windows Server 2003, Microsoft will send you a free evaluation kit. Here is the link. They even pay for shipping. Oh, and for the first time I remember, Mozilla works when ordering. You don’t have to use IE.

Put Your Old Computer Cases to Good Use

Check out this article on coprolite that shows how to make a pumpkin head out of a computer case: The left over parts become Lobstora: Read the article here on coprolite.com.

The Network Administrator (.com)

Check out TheNetworkAdministrator for some good reads. We have some strange stuff on NetAdminTools, but a full tab just called Conspiracy Theory. Very enjoyable. Visit the site and realize that you aren’t the only Monkey Life-Partner out there.

Transform dot com Schwag Into Something Useful

I have a cap from hardware.com. [I actually turned down a job offer from these folks in the fall of ’99. They only lasted a year or so after that. They intended to be a place where people could order tools, wheelbarrows, etc. on the Internet.] I also like to read at night. I happen […]

Virtualization Between the Platform and the Application With Java

What if Java is it. Java has virtualized the world between the platform and the application to the point, really, that all of the knowledge you are building to run the OS of your server is becoming somewhat trivial. True, you can install a new version of glibc, and know how to solve dependencies with […]

Click-Free Web App And Mouse Movement Fingerprinting

Check out DONTCLICK.IT for a very cool concept site that shows an example of navigation without mouse clicks. One interesting implication is the biometric fingerprinting possibilities. One area of the site allows you to see the movements of previous visitors to the site. It seems possible to us that tracking the movements of a mouse, […]

HP and the Business Domain

I was thinking about HP and their decision to get out of the PC market and purchase Autonomy. It makes sense to me. HP can do well in the business information domain. Domain… information… There are three main domains for information: personal, business, and public. The Internet was primarily used as public after the burst […]