Top Network Monitoring Tools and Software (Free & Paid)

Finding the Best Network Monitoring Tools and Software packages for managing, monitoring and keeping an eye on your Network Infrastructure is one of the most important IT decisions you will make, whether your a small, medium or large business with multiple satellite locations.

The need for an all encompassing NMS has never more apparent then it is now when technology has taken over every aspect of business, including crucial business applications and hardware (VOIP PBX Systems and in-house Email). We’ve put together a list of the Top Network Management software applications and will assist you in having a close eye on your network and infrastructure.

These software solutions listed below will assist you in monitoring and managing the following aspects of your network, including but not limited to Network Monitoring, Bandwidth monitoring of networked devices, bandwidth usage, network congestion, high-bandwidth users in your network and many others.

Here’s a List of the Top Network Monitoring Software of 2018:

    solarwinds npm v12 review

    SolarWinds NPM v12

    by SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC
    - One of the most difficult and demanding tasks for a network administrator is keeping an eye on your network and monitoring its health, watching bandwidth usage, finding and identifying problems, and so many other such tasks that require you constantly running around, checking on your equipment and watching multiple monitoring applications. On top of that, you also have to keep track of reports and statistics for future reference. Many tools exist that help you take care of some of these individual tasks, such as bandwidth monitoring, device detection, or network device health monitoring. With Network Performance Monitor 12 from SolarWinds, you no longer have to keep up with multiple different software, nor the subscription and licensing fees that come with them, which, when added up, can cost a considerable amount of money. Network Performance Monitor 12, one of our favorite comprehensive network monitoring applications, has the network monitoring capabilities that See Full Review
    opmanager managengine screenshot
    - A constant headache and hassle for any network admin is keeping up with network traffic, managing application bandwidth usage, load balancing, monitoring health of network devices, identifying problems, and plugging security holes, not to mention endless other tasks. There are many applications that help you take care of some of these individual tasks, such as bandwidth monitoring, device detection, or network device health monitoring. OpManager, from ManageEngine, a strong contender in the network administration software world, now has a tool to help you with these tasks, all from one integrated network management application, allowing you to get rid of that hodge-podge of small network tools. It integrates all aspects of managing your network into an easy-to-use format in a simple, yet powerful way. OpManager boasts a do it yourself deployment, not requiring any setup or consultation fees that software manufacturers so often like to provide as a “necessary” service. Once See Full Review
    - OP5 Monitor is a network monitoring solution originally launched out of Sweden all the way back in 2004, with the goal of offering IT monitoring capable of handling larger environments without skipping a beat, but also being suitable and affordable for smaller instances as well. Their goal is to put the control in the hands of the IT staff, making it easier for them to do their jobs more effectively, and making it easier to make actionable business decisions with real-world data. OP5’s products can help IT teams to monitor everything, and also to easily visualize it in a way that paints a clear picture of operations, and we’ll be taking a look at some of the key features in just a moment. Jonas Vestin, the CEO of OP5, has described their vision as being able to offer the best possible IT monitoring solution by being scalable, flexible, and cost See Full Review
    prtg paessler
    - PRTG by Paessler (current version 17.4.36) is a tool designed to monitor network devices. It is capable of alerting in case of emergencies, and can provide live status monitoring tools in order to better manage one's network. This article will cover the main features of the software, and a summary of it's requirements and costs. Main Features Quick Setup The download and installation is quite straightforward. You may download the .zip folder containing the install executable from Once you extract the files and run the installer, you will be able to enter the trial license key that they provide on the download page. After thirty days, the license will expire, and you can continue using the product with a one hundred sensor cap for free. Once you input the license key and click next, the installer will finish up and PRTG will be ready to use. PRTG then opens See Full Review
    reporting graphs and information
    - WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus (latest version) is a Network Monitoring and Performance tool capable of sending alerts and generating reports based on application, host, and network status, and more. This article will briefly cover the price, main features, system requirements, and official links of the software. Pricing WhatsUp Gold has 4 distinct tiers in their pricing model, and they are as such: WhatsUp Gold BasicView: This option costs $1,755. It includes Discovery, Availability Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Alerting / Reporting, and Inventory features. WhatsUp Gold ProView: This option costs $2,415. It includes all of BasicView’s features, and also supports advanced monitoring (WMI, SSH, HTTPS), and wireless monitoring. WhatsUp Gold TotalView: This option costs $3,495. It includes all of ProView’s features, and also supports application and web monitoring, flow monitoring, and virtual monitoring. WhatsUp Gold TotalView Plus: This option costs $4,995. It includes all of TotalView’s features, and also supports network configuration See Full Review
    Nagios XI Monitoring Engine Status
    - Nagios XI (Current Version 5.4.11) is a network monitoring, reporting, and alerting software for network / systems administrators. This article will briefly cover the pricing, main features, system requirements, and official links for the software. Pricing Nagios XI has two distinct editions with three options each when it comes to pricing and licensing. They are as such: Standard Edition: This edition costs $1,995 for 100 maximum nodes, $2,995 for 200 nodes, and $4,995 for unlimited nodes. Standard edition includes GUI configuration, reporting, visualizations, custom dashboards / views, notifications and more. Enterprise Edition: This edition costs $3,495 for 100 maximum nodes, $4,495 for 200 nodes, and $6,495 for unlimited nodes. Enterprise edition includes all the above listed features, as well as bulk tools, audit logging, SLA support, automated host decommissioning and more. Please note that the Enterprise edition requires an annual renewal of the Maintenance and Support or Maintenance Only contract. See Full Review
Top Network Monitoring Software
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