Visualizing Network & Bandwidth Activity with GlassWire

GlassWire is a new type of graphical network monitor for Windows that focuses on endpoint monitoring. The software runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and there is also a version of the app for Android. Setting up GlassWire for Windows is fairly simple and only requires using a Windows installer that can be downloaded […]

WordPress Security and Available Plug-ins

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms for bloggers and businesses as of 2017. It is easy to use and flexible as well as highly supported by developers and designers, but its security should also be considered. WordPress Security Issues It is a sad fact that a great many websites have been hacked […]

IPC$ Security Trick

It is possible to establish a security context with another domain by using the net use command. Syntax: net use \\<server name>\IPC$ /USER:<domain>\<account> Explanation: If you want to manage the Booky domain, with a PDC called Kooky, and you had an administrative account on Booky called bookadmin, you could use: net use \\kooky\IPC$ /USER:BOOKY\bookadmin you […]

Building a Chrooted sftp Environment

There was a time, not so very long ago, when we used to enjoy running an ftp server and locking our users into tiny little chrooted jails. While we still enjoy denying users their freedom, we now prefer to do so using a maximum security facility. The sftp file transfer program, which comes with OpenSSH […]

WinSCP Freeware SFTP and SCP client for Windows

WinSCP is a full featured GUI SCP client. This means that communication between the server and the client is encrypted well, unlike FTP or Explorer. WinSCP also includes synchronization options that will help minimize the amount of traffic needed to mirror filesystems. We installed all of the options: Here you can see the array of […]

TCPDump Lab

We picked up a DEC Alpha Multia cheap at auction a couple years ago. We will use this multia to dump the network traffic that NT creates on boot using TCPDump. The first problem we had was that our Multia is not Y2K compatible. Many of our files ended up with dates of 2019, and […]

Running Nmap on Windows

We wrote about Nmap in this article, but this assumed that you were running Nmap on GNU/Linux. There is another version available, now, for Windows. We used on a Windows 2000 workstation. It is important to scan your network, especially when there is a lot of virus activity. Hopefully before, but we know how […]

Running KeePass Password Management on GNU/Linux with Wine

Managing all of the passwords one needs to know for both personal and job-related security is quite a challenge. KeePass is a password management program for Windows. It is open-source and released under the GPL, which means it is highly likely that this project will stay around in some form. It also appears to use […]

NIMDA Scanner

Free NIMDA Scanner checks for known NIMDA worm files (admin.dll, load.exe, readme.exe, etc.), checks your system.ini, and remotely checks “Administrators” group for “Guest” account. Click here to download. [Beware of running free programs that scan for viruses… better look that gift horse in the mouth. 🙂 Ed.]