Top Syslog Server Software Free & Paid for Windows

Syslog Server is a Crucial part of every IT Administrators arsenal when it comes to managing event logs in a centralized location. We’re compiled a list of the best Free Syslog Servers (and Paid ones as well) along with screenshots, minimum requirements and any other pertinent information needed to make your decision when looking for a syslog solution.

Finding a good event log and message collection software is crucial for understanding what your network doing at all times, with integrated alerts and graphs to show real-time issues that arise and possible failures that could be happening.

Some of these syslog servers give you the flexibility to receive not only syslog messages, but SNMP trap information from multiple appliances for FREE and others have paid variations that offer even greater flexibility. Feature sets are different for each version, but they all offer the same functionality in collecting messages and events for system logs.

List of Free & Paid Syslog Servers for Windows

    kiwi syslog screenshot

    Solarwinds Kiwi Syslog Server

    by SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC
    - Kiwi Syslog server has been around for quite some time and is one of the most well known and Best solutions for syslog event management and consolidation. Known for its easy installation and setup, configuration is a breeze with kiwi and they even offer a free version of the software that allows up to 5 devices to send messages to the server. Some added benefits of Kiwi are its ability to receive, log, display and forever Syslog, SNMP Traps and Windows event log messages from Routers, Switches, Firewall/Perimeter devices and Linux/Unix/Windows hosts as well. Reporting and Alerts are built into the software package as well for easy management and alerting. Price Kiwi Syslog server comes in two different offerings: FREE and Paid version FREE: The free version of Kiwi Syslog server has the following features: Collects and archives Messages from Syslog and SNMP Traps Accepts Syslog and SNMP traps from See Full Review
    datagram syslog screenshot

    Datagram Suite

    by Datagram Consulting Sweden
    - Datagram’s SyslogServer, SyslogView, and SyslogAgent are three software kits that are part of the Datagram SyslogServer Suite. They are capable of log collection, filtering, alerting, and database storage / log display. This article will cover the pricing, main features, system requirements, and where to download this software. See all FREE SYSLOG Servers HERE Pricing There are 4 tiers in the Datagram SyslogServer pricing scheme. They are as such: SyslogServer Trial Edition: Costs $0, supports 8 logging IP addresses. The trial version supports Microsoft Access as a database, and does not support backing up or deleting entries. There is a ten filter maximum restriction, and a ten alarm restriction as well. Email support for alarms is not included. SyslogServer Enterprise Edition: Costs $200 for 50 IP addresses, $500 for 500, and $900 for 5000. Each tier of Enterprise Edition supports MSSQL databases, and allows for backing up or deleting log entries. See Full Review
    tftpd32 syslog server review
    - Tftpd32 (current version 4.52) is a free toolkit program containing various different socket services. One of these is Syslog collection, and this article will briefly cover the Syslog aspects of Tftpd32. See All FREE SYSLOG Servers Price Tftpd32 is Free, and open source, for both personal and commercial use. Features Syslog collection: Tftpd32 (and 64) is capable of collecting logs on the configured socket, and displaying them to the user. Syslog Forwarding: The software is also capable of forwarding messages on a named pipe for external review and processing. Save to File: Collected syslog messages can also be saved to a file for backup and parsing. Among with these Syslog specific services, there is a plethora of other features this program includes, such as TFTP server / client, DHCP, and more. There are no filtering or alert options that I could find, they will most likely need to be applied See Full Review


    by EZ5 Systems Ltd
    - SnmpSoft Syslog Watcher (Current version 4.8.6) is a log collection and notification software for network devices. It allows Network and System Administrators to store logs in one central location, and parse through a multitude of entries with ease. This article will briefly highlight the pricing, main features, and system requirements for the software. Pricing SnmpSoft Syslog Watcher includes three distinct licensing tiers: Personal License: This license is free, for non-commercial use only, and can handle up to 5 syslog sources. Standard License: This license costs $99, can be used for both personal and commercial use, and handles up to 10 syslog sources. Pro License: This license costs $199, can be used for personal and commercial use, and supports unlimited syslog sources. Note: Each license comes with a 12 month maintenance option. You can choose to extend the maintenance period, for an extra cost. The license does not expire even if See Full Review
    Nagios Syslog Server Software


    by Nagios Enterprises
    - Nagios Log Server is an expansive log collection and parsing software that allows System and Network Administrators to pool logs from various systems in one centralized location. It allows for rapid queries and filtering, as well as reporting and real-time data presentation. Pricing There are 5 main pricing plans available for Nagios Log Server. They are as such: 500 mb/day: This plan is free, and has unlimited users, as well as unlimited retention. Single Instance: This plan costs $1,995, and allows for one installation which means failover is not an option. The data plan is no longer capped with Single Instance. 2-Instance: This plan costs $4,995, and allows for two separate installations. This will allow for redundant data by use of automatic fail-over. The two installations can perform load balancing and increase query speeds as well. 4-Instance: This plan costs $6,995, and allows for up to four separate installations. It See Full Review
    winsyslog review


    by Adiscon GmbH
    - WinSyslog (current version 13.3b) is a centralized log collection server, capable of receiving Syslog messages from various network devices. This article will cover the costs, main features, and system requirements for the software. Pricing There are several pricing options to choose from when purchasing WinSyslog. Each main tier has different pricing per license, and per year of upgrade insurance. Upgrade insurance includes free upgrades and priority support, and is an annual fee. Upgrade insurance is optional. Please note that if you do not have upgrade insurance, and the version you are attempting to upgrade to is two versions newer or more, you will need to purchase a new license. There is also a discount for license volume, and they are as such: 2-5 Licenses: 3% 6-20 Licenses: 8% 21-50 Licenses: 15% 51+ Licenses: 20% Note that the discounts apply to both license subtotal, and upgrade insurance subtotal, and that the See Full Review
    whatsup syslog server by ipswitch
    - WhatsUp Gold (Current Version 1.0.4251) is a Syslog collection application, that can collect Syslog messages from devices on the network and create/send alerts. It is capable of filtering, importing, and managing syslog entries. Pricing WhatsUp is completely Free. Features Log collection: WhatsUp is capable of collecting logs from any device capable of sending syslog messages on the configured listener port. There is no cap, and the software is capable of processing up to six million messages per hour. Filtering and Rules: There are many options for filtering logs that you can choose from. You can sort by log type, date/time, ip address, or message text. You can even choose the color with which to highlight certain types of logs. Alerting: There are also many options to choose from as far as alerting goes. You can log to a file, forward to another host, send emails, log to windows event log, See Full Review