Best Virtualization Manager & Monitoring Software for VMWare, ESXi, Hyper-V, etc

Virtualization offers a ton of benefits in the form of cost saving, improved performance, reduced workloads and increased efficiency in business operations. This is why it’s an integral part of every business today.

At the same time, the maintenance and management of these virtual machines have to be handled well because they are critical for the very operations of a business. In other words, these virtual machines can never go down, or for that matter, even slow down.

To manage these virtual devices and to ensure they are up and running always, you need a proactive and comprehensive virtualization manager.

Here’s a look at some of the best virtualization managers for different virtualization software such as Hyper-V, VMWare, ESXi and more. These Reviews and Features are a good starting point for choosing which one you should implement in your network and we highly suggest you download and start monitoring today.

Here’s the Best VM Management & Monitoring Software/Tools of 2018:

SolarWinds VM Monitor

SolarWinds VM Monitor monitors VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V host and all the virtual machines associated with the host.


Some of the key features of this tool include:

  • Helps to view many metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, network usage, configured VMs and running VMs.
  • Uses best practice measures to monitor virtualized servers
  • Prevents performance degradation by closely monitoring the specified metrics
  • Allows to view the complete details of every VM.
  • Gives the option to set custom thresholds and alerts to get information on the health of virtual machines

A paid tool called Virtualization Manager offers a more comprehensive control over virtual machines. It constantly assesses the environment to identify problems and even offers solutions to fix them. The cost of this tool starts at $2,995.


Free VM Monitor & Paid Virtualization Manager @ $2995

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vRealize Operations Manager (vROps)

vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) monitors VMware devices to improve application performance, enhance efficiency and minimize disruptions. It provides insights into virtual devices using data collected from system resources.

As a result, it is easy to identify issues, even before a customer notices a problem. Along with identifying the issue, vROps also suggests corrective action, so the problem can be fixed right away.


Besides such proactive monitoring of virtual networks, vROps also comes with many other useful features.

  • Helps to run hassle-free production operations
  • Delivers continuous performance optimization
  • Improves the efficiency of capacity management
  • Offers deep insights to plan proactively
  • Supports the planning, optimization and deployment of SDDC and multi-loud deployments
  • Provides application-to-storage visibility across all physical, virtual and even cloud infrastructures.
  • Comes with rich analytical tools to identify hidden issues and to find solutions to complex technical problems.
  • Helps to identify the health of any single virtual object

vROps comes in three versions – standard, advanced and enterprise.






StandalonePer operating system instance (OSI)Per operating system instance (OSI) or per processor (CPU)Per operating system instance (OSI)
Suite availabilityVMware vSphere with operations managementVMware vRealize Suite and vCloud suite standard, advanced.VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud suite standard, enterprise.
Scale out operations platformYesYesYes
Single sign-onYesYesYes
Remote collectorsYesYesYes
Visualization options like reports, graphs and chartsYesYesYes
Policy managementYesYesYes
vSphere security and complianceYesYesYes
Real-time predictive capacityYesYesYes
Data center cost viewsYesYesYes
Support for private cloud and VMware Cloud on AWSYesYesYes
DRS managementYesYesYes
Guided remediationYesYesYes
Log insightsYesYesYes
vSAN overview and migrationYesYesYes
Wavefront integrationYesYesYes
Automated failover of platform nodesNoYesYes
Customizable dashboards and reportsNoYesYes
Super metricsNoYesYes
Automated and schedulable workload balancingNoYesYes
Automated actionsNoYesYes
vSAN troubleshooting and capacity managementNoYesYes
SDDC health management packNoYesYes
vRealize Orchestrator management packNoYesYes
Multi-cloud monitoring management packNoYesYes
Care system analytics management packNoNoYes


Application, middleware and database monitoringNoNoYes

Pricing is based on the number of processors for standard and advanced editions, and per virtual machine for standard, advanced and enterprise editions.


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APTARE Virtualization Manager

APTARE Virtualization Manager gives valuable insights into the resources and storage management in any virtualized environment. Also, it gives a clear idea of the state of virtual machines at any point in time.

aptare for vm monitoring

Below are some of its salient features.

  • Maps usage to storage array to know the real-time consumption of physical resources in a virtual environment.
  • Checks which virtual machines are running over or under their optimal capacity
  • Uses predictive analysis to determine the amount of storage and resources required for each virtual machine and makes recommendations accordingly.
  • Optimizes performance by providing resources in real-time.
  • Identifies potential conflicts that could impede performance
  • Provides run-time statistics for each virtual machine
  • Comes with advanced visualization tools such as reports and graphs.

APTARE Virtualization Manager supports ESX, ESXi, vSphere and Virtual Center (vCenter).


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ManageEngine’s VM Manager Plus

ManageEngine, a leading IT asset management company, offers a free virtualization management tool called VM Manager Plus.

vm manager plus

It comes with the following features.

  • No restriction on virtual managers, data stores or hosts
  • Identifies stale and idle virtual machines to reduce virtualization sprawl
  • Presents information on the under-utilization and over-utilization of capacity to improve optimization and to plan for capacity.
  • Monitors and maps the migration of virtual machines in real-time
  • Works with all leading hyper-visors such as ESX, ESXi, Hyper-V and XenServer
  • Monitors different performance metrics such as shared memory, memory ready, CPU ready and disk I/O
  • Comes with real-time fault management where alerts are sent by SMS and email.
  • Requires no additional downloads. Configuration and use is simple and easy.
  • Automatically discovers and classifies the virtual environment without any need for manual intervention. At the same time, it also gives users the option to manually configure or make changes.
  • Built on OpManager, which is a highly scalable network and data center infrastructure management software.
  • Stores two days of performance and fault data for analysis and reporting
  • Provides technical support via email and forum
  • Offers a dashboard with customizable widgets

VM Manager Plus is available in a Free edition and has Paid versions as well.


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Veeam ONE

Veeam ONE is a good choice for both vSphere and Hyper-V. This tool also integrates well with other Veeam tools such as Veeam Backup & Replication to provide more advanced capabilities in physical and virtual environments.


Here’s a look at its important features.

  • Continuously monitors virtual, physical and cloud-based environments in real-time
  • Notifies users of availability and performance issues to avoid losses due to downtime.
  • Meets the compliance standards for virtualization monitoring and management
  • Evaluates the performance of infrastructure and makes appropriate recommendations
  • Suggests configuration changes for best practices and for optimal utilization of resources
  • Forecasts resource usage and utilization using “what if” modeling
  • Comes with a real-time dashboard that has one-click and drill-down views.
  • Isolates the root cause quickly to resolve issues
  • Supports vCenter, vSphere, ESX, ESXi and Hyper-V
  • Allows users to define configuration parameters, performance metrics and filters.
  • Gives access to raw performance data and custom infrastructure reports
  • Comes with a custom report builder that can pull data from any field in any report into a single document.
  • Displays infrastructure performance and trends

Veeam ONE comes in two versions – free and enterprise. The free version can be downloaded here.

The enterprise version has more advanced monitoring capabilities when compared to the free version. Some of the additional features available in the enterprise version include:

  • Assessment and reporting to determine if the installation of Veeam Backup & Replication meets best practices.
  • Performance monitoring and alerting for Veeam Backup & Replication jobs
  • Collection of all events recorded in Windows event log
  • Creation of custom alarms to meet the unique needs of any virtual environment
  • Capacity planning for Hyper-V and vSphere
  • Chargeback capabilities for host resource usage, hardware, VM configuration and VM performance
  • Multi-tenant reporting and monitoring
  • Agent monitoring and reporting
  • Automated report generation and delivery
  • Customized report builder
  • Predefined dashboard for backup

This version costs $900 per socket and comes with a 30-day free trial.


$900 per Socket

Official Download:


To conclude, virtualization manager software is essential to have a complete control over any virtual environment.

This tool helps to plan and understand capacity utilization and at the same time, helps to prevent a virtualization sprawl. It also offers advanced monitoring options, elaborate reporting and more.

We recommend downloading a Trial/Free version of the tool that has the features you are looking for and get started on monitoring Virtual machines in your Environment – You’d be surprised at the insights that many of these tools provide right out of the box!