Customizing the MediaWiki Toolbar Signature

One reason I enjoy the world of open source so much is that if I want something to be a certain way, I can make it be that way if I spend enough time. As an example, I use MediaWiki as a simple blog. It allows me to easily make an entry without much fuss. All I really want is to put in a bold ISO date at the beginning of the entry to mark it. I don’t really need the full signature, since I’m the only one that makes entries. I looked around for a way to edit the buttons for a solid hour, but finally decided it made sense to just hack up the code that created the sig. The file I edited is located in extensions/WikiEditor directory in modules/jquery.wikiEditor.toolbar.config.js. I also had to figure out how to customize the timestamp and add in a single new line at the end. Here is the code change that does this:


Now I just click the sig button and make my blog entry. All is formatted the way I like, and it even creates a single new line: