Backoffice 4.5 Patches/Upgrades

We put together a list of files needed to update Backoffice 4.5. This includes NT 4.0, Exchange 5.5, SQL Server 7.0, SMS 2.0, Site Server 3.0, SNA server 4.0, and Proxy Server 2.0. This is what is available from Microsoft as of July 5th, 2001. Get the files while you can. Note that these files are English/High encryption/i386 files. Cool thing is you could automate the download of these once you know the name of the files. Almost 1 gig of updates! backoffice4.5update.txt. Here is the a version with just the filenames: backoffice4.5update.short.txt. Along the same lines, see our Security section for a script from SecurityFocus that automates installation of hot fixes for NT 4, as well as a program from Microsoft called QChain that applies Hotfixes with one reboot.