Remote Console Server and Web Administration Tool for NT

Two very useful remote administration tools are the Remote Console Server and the Web Administration tool. Both of these tools come on the NT 4.0 Server resource kit CD.

To install the Remote Console, go into control panel -> network -> services tab -> add -> remote access service, and point to the ..\..\netadmin\rconsole directory on the NT 4.0 Server resource kit CD. You will have to reboot the server for the remote console service to load.

Once the service is running, all you have to do is run the rclient.exe program:

rclient \\<servername>

and then you can run any commands as though you were at the console of the other machine. This is particularly useful if a server is really bogged down and you have to get on to stop some services because the console is not responding.

Note: The rconsole client that comes with the resource kit has a memory leak.  Get a new version at:

In the Webadmin directory on the NT 4.0 Server resource kit CD, just run the webadmin.exe program on a server with IIS. You can then connect to the server by using the URL <servername>/ntadmin/ntadmin.htm.  (There is an update for this, but we haven’t tried it.)

Here is an example of the services section:

Make sure that you are very careful about security issues with this. There are obviously some large security risks associated with remote control, particularly when a webserver is involved.