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Getting the Solaris Management Console to Run Remotely
Topic:Solaris   Date: 2003-12-20
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We have a fresh install of Solaris 9 that we are administering. Agatha is a wuss, and wants to use the Solaris Management Console. To do this, we set up X forwarding via SSH. First, we need to change the default sshd config:

# vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Find this line and change it:

X11Forwarding yes

If it is commented with a #, remove the #.

On our system, our home directories are in /export/home0, and that needs to match in the /etc/passwd file:


Now, we can start up the Solaris Management Console on our GNU/Linux box:

srv-1 u-1 $ ssh -X u-1@srv-50
u-1@srv-50's password: 
Last login: Sat Dec 20 06:31:16 2003 from srv-1.signalq.
/usr/openwin/bin/xauth:  creating new authority file /export/home0/u-1/.Xauthority
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.9       Generic May 2002
bash-2.05$ smc

On our local machine:

All is happy


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