Installing SNMP on Windows Server 2003 Using Net-SNMP

Net-SNMP is an open source SNMP project that is released under a BSD license. To install on Windows Server, grab the .exe from here. Simply run the install, and you will get a welcome screen:


Accept the license agreement:


Choose the components to install. We will only be installing the base components and the Net-SNMP Agent Service, since we will be monitoring from another server:


Choose the install location. This is the root of the application tree:


Choose the location for the Start Menu Folder:


There is a notification of setup completion:


Lot’s of goodies in the Readme file. Consider reading it. After installation, test the service:

C:\usr\bin>snmpd -V
No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging
NET-SNMP version

Ctrl-c to quit. If that looks OK, add the service:

Registering snmpd as a service using the following additional options:
-Lf "C:/usr/log/snmpd.log"
For information on running snmpd.exe and snmptrapd.exe as a Windows
service, see 'How to Register the Net-SNMP Agent and Trap Daemon as
Windows services' in README.win32.
Press any key to continue . . .

That is all there is to it. Just start the service now:

C:\>net start "net-snmp agent"
The Net-SNMP Agent service is starting.
The Net-SNMP Agent service was started successfully.

To set up SNMPv3 user security, see this article.