WhatsUp Gold Syslog Server

WhatsUp Gold (Current Version 1.0.4251) is a Syslog collection application, that can collect Syslog messages from devices on the network and create/send alerts. It is capable of filtering, importing, and managing syslog entries.


WhatsUp is completely Free.


  • Log collection: WhatsUp is capable of collecting logs from any device capable of sending syslog messages on the configured listener port. There is no cap, and the software is capable of processing up to six million messages per hour.
  • Filtering and Rules: There are many options for filtering logs that you can choose from. You can sort by log type, date/time, ip address, or message text. You can even choose the color with which to highlight certain types of logs.
  • Alerting: There are also many options to choose from as far as alerting goes. You can log to a file, forward to another host, send emails, log to windows event log, or display the log within WhatsUp .
  • Background Service: WhatsUp can also run the server program as a service, removing the need to be logged in as a user in order for the program to collect logs.

System Requirements

WhatsUp does not list system requirements, however, the downloaded file is an .exe, which means that most likely only windows is supported. I have tested it and found it to work with Windows 7 – 10.


whatsup syslog server screenshot main

WhatsUp main screen Highlighting options


whatsup Advanced Alerts Menu Options

Advanced Alerts Menu Options


whatsup Highlighting Options

Highlighting Options


whatsup Rules and Alerts basic Menu Options

Rules and Alerts basic Menu Options

Download Links

WhatsUp can be downloaded from:


The Main Page containing a basic overview of the software can be found here:



WhatsUp is a free, simple log collection program that can collect syslogs from any syslog capable device.