Split Large Files Into Smaller Pieces

Use the split command to carve up a large file into multiple pieces, and put them back together again with cat. Use md5sum to double check your results:

split -n 2 bigfile.tar.bz2
mkdir tmp
mv bigfile.tar.bz2 tmp
xaa xab
cat xa* > bigfile.tar.bz2
md5sum bigfile.tar.bz2
08d860e55381aa87b2084449589d2dce  bigfile.tar.bz2
md5sum tmp/bigfile.tar.bz2
08d860e55381aa87b2084449589d2dce  tmp/bigfile.tar.bz2

You can also re-assemble these files using copy on Windows:

copy /b x* > bigfile.tar.bz2